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2024 Student | Teacher Exhibition Entry Form

Please read the Student | Teacher Exhibition Homepage before filling out this form.

Conditions of Entry (click to expand).

Please read the following conditions of entry before submitting your form:

2024 Student | Teacher Exhibition Conditions of Entry:

    1. All entries submitted must be the original work of the exhibitor, have been completed in the 12 months preceding the exhibition, must be primarily made of ceramic material(s) and must not have been exhibited in a previous Canberra Potters Student | Teacher Exhibition. Entrants must have completed a short course or term class at Canberra Potters in the preceding 12 months.
    2. Up to two entries may be submitted. Any group entry must be priced as a group, i.e. the components of the group may not be for individual sale.
    3. Entries are to be delivered to and collected from Canberra Potters Shop/Gallery, Aspinall Street, Watson on the days and times specified. No late entries will be accepted.
    4. Teachers and students may have their work for sale if they wish, but this is not a requirement. If you want to sell your work and are unsure about pricing, your teacher may be able to offer some guidance.
    5. A commission of 30% of the retail price will be retained by Canberra Potters for all exhibits sold. Canberra Potters does not withhold or pay any taxes on behalf of the artist; the commission is based purely on 70% of the RRP. 
    6. Exhibitors who are registered for GST must include GST in their retail prices. The onus is on the artist to record and declare any GST to the ATO under their registered business or hobby entity.
    7. All exhibits MUST be identified with a small removable sticky label showing: your identifying code (e.g. the first four letters of your surname, or your surname if it’s short) with the item number (1 or 2, as listed on the entry form), the item title and price. Your price should include the 30% commission that the Canberra Potters will retain if an item is sold. Group entries should have every item in the series labelled e.g. 1.2, 1.2, 1.3. 
    8. Proceeds from sales will be paid to the artist in a single payment (less commission) as soon as practicable after the close of the exhibition.
    9. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding the decision.
    10. All selected entries will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition.
    11. Exhibitors license Canberra Potters to photograph and film exhibits and use information supplied on the entry form for use in publicity material about the exhibition, future exhibitions, classes, Canberra Potters and Watson Arts Centre.
    12. Whilst every possible care will be taken with entries, no liability will be accepted by Canberra Potters for loss or damage to entries. Participants who wish to insure their work should make their own arrangements.
    13. Canberra Potters reserves the right to exclude work from the exhibition if the work is deemed unsuitable or for gallery display space constraints.
    14. If you have any questions about the exhibition, please ask your teacher or email the gallery manager at [email protected]

2024 Student | Teacher Exhibition Entry Form

This form MUST be filled out prior to your delivery of entries to Canberra Potters Shop. All entries must be labelled with your unique identifier (see details below), entry number and price. Labelled entries must be delivered between 10:30am-3:30pm Tuesday 28 May to Saturday 1 June, or 11am-2:30pm Sunday 2 June. Late entries will not be accepted. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your completed form after submission, please check your junk folder, and/or ensure that you have filled out all required (*) fields. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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