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Workshop access for CPS members ONLY




Free Workshop/Health & Safety Orientation Sessions are run once a month. 

All orientations have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19 safety measures.

Places at each orientation are limited. You must register for a session using the form below (and not just turn up on the day) and you must be a member before registering.

Please note that members must have completed a minimum of one CPS courses or equivalent and/or have been practicing pottery consistently for six months before access to the Member’s Workshop can be granted.

Workshop access for CPS members

To use the CPS workshop facilities as a member you must meet minimum pottery experience levels*. The satisfactory completion of a Workshop Health & Safety (WH&S) orientation is mandatory for unaccompanied visits, as are annual refreshers for continued access. No satisfactory orientation or refresher–no access.

Access times

Workshop access for non-key holders is currently available whenever there is a staff member on-site. This currently covers staff hours (10.00am–4.00pm, 7 days a week) and when classes are on. A copy of the current term timetable is here.

Applying to be a key holder:–

  • After holding continuous membership for 6 months members may apply for a workshop key giving access out of hours but before a key can be issued an orientation session has to be satisfactorily completed or, if one has not been done in the last 12 months, a refresher session must be completed
  • The applicant will also have to demonstrate a sound level of equipment competency and WH&S procedures. There is a $50 deposit payable before a key can be issued; this will be refunded when the key is returned
  • The number of keys that can be issued is limited so if there are no keys currently available then you can be added to a waiting list
  • A workshop key may be withdrawn from a member found to be not complying with health and safety procedures or not making use of their key. A member must keep their membership current whilst a key holder and undertakes to return their key if they no longer have a need for it.

Thursday morning drop-in session

  • This drop-in session is for members and runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm, utilising the main workshop. It runs during the Canberra Potters 9-week terms and the week preceding the start of term (with the exception of the start of the winter term when there will be no sessions the week before term if they clash with the Winter School)
  • Please note that occasionally due to working bees or other workshop requirements, the workshop may be closed during this first week
  • The Thursday morning ‘drop-in’ session in the main workshop also requires the completion of a WH&S orientation or refresher, as it is no longer a semi-supervised session
  • Members attending this session are expected to abide by CPS workshop health and safety procedures and any health and safety directives given by staff or other authorised personnel, either verbally or via workshop or other notices
  • ‘Drop-in’ session participants are required to sign in to record their attendance on site for H&S requirements.

Click to get a pdf copy of: Workshop Access and H&S Handbook

The Form

Workshop Orientation Course Form

Application form to register for the next available Saturday course.