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Workshop access for CPS members ONLY

Access the Member’s Workshop is currently unavailable apart from our scheduled Member Drop-In Sessions. Please see the link for more information and to book. 

Member Drop-In Sessions

Member Drop-In Sessions are available on Thursday 10am - 1pm, Friday 1pm - 4pm and Saturday 6pm - 9pm.

Workshop Access Sessions for CPS members

To use the CPS workshop facilities as a member you must meet minimum pottery experience levels*. The satisfactory completion of a Health & Safety (H&S) orientation is mandatory for unaccompanied visits, as are annual refreshers for continued access and to attend Workshop Access Sessions. No satisfactory orientation or refresher–no access.

Orientation sessions

Email [email protected] to book a place in an orientation. Attendance needs to be booked, if no places are booked a session won’t go ahead. The orientation session will take approximately an hour. 

Please email to register your interest, date TBA.

Access times

Workshop access is currently available during Workshop Access Sessions on Thursday morning, Friday afternoon and Saturday evening. These sessions need to be booked online through this website under the Members Access Sessions section.


Member access and keys

Keys will no longer be issued to members other than teachers and staff.

Members still have plenty of opportunity to access the facility through Workshop Access Sessions which can be booked and paid for online. This ensures you will get appropriate space and attend a safe, clean and secure workshop environment. It helps us meet our current health guidelines and ensures members receive fair and equitable access to our facility and services.

The usual protocols continue:

  • you must book and pay for your session online prior to attending
  • bring your own tools
  • sanitise on arrival
  • maintain your distance
  • do not attend your session if unwell, and
  • clean up after your session.

Members who still hold an old workshop key are able to return them to the office during business hours to obtain your refund.