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Reminder: CPS does not allow the single firing of raw glazed work and the electric kilns are only for firings of 1200c maximum.


Bookings need to be made at least a week in advance.
Please note due to pandemic restrictions kiln hire currently does not give access to our glazes and glaze shed. Bring your work in on the day of packing as there is no storage in the kiln shed.
The short video shows ‘How to book a kiln’.

for hire

Canberra Potters have ElectricGasSoda and Raku kilns for members to hire.
You must have the appropriate Canberra Potters kiln licence to hire a kiln.
A flat fee is now being charged for the hire of a kiln — except for Raku kilns.
Booking periods are generally 3 or 4 days for Electric4 days for Gas and Soda kilnwith 1 day needed for the Raku kiln.

Electric Kilns

To book any of the Electric Kilns click the button


To book any of the Gas Kilns click the button


To book the Soda Kiln click the button

One Raku KILN

To book the Raku Kiln click the button

Kiln hire does not include access to Canberra Potters glazes. We are happy to provide the recipes for our glazes or you can elect to use the glazes and pay at the glaze and fire rate.

To hire a kiln you must have the appropriate Canberra Potters kiln licence.