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Canberra Potters Studio Holders:



Canberra Potters
Gallery, Watson Arts Centre. 1 Aspinall St Watson, ACT, 2602.


Tuesday to Saturday


13 July to 6 August 2023.

Opened 6pm Thursday 13 July 2023.


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Opened 6pm Thursday 13 July by Katrina Leske, Curator.

About the Exhibition:

Canberra Potters Studio Holders: Present brings together seven diverse artists who work or have recently worked at Canberra Potters: Robyn Booth, John Heaney, Jackie Lallemand, Tanya McArthur, Maricelle Olivier, Sue Peachey and Julie Pennington. Through their unique perspectives and the medium of clay, their bodies of work converge to create an immersive experience that celebrates the intricate beauty of the natural world, personal narratives, and creative exploration.  

Robyn Booth draws inspiration from the Australian bushland, particularly the granite boulders and eucalyptus forests of the region. Working with clay grants her the spontaneity and unpredictability that she cherishes. Porcelain emerges as the ideal medium to express the colors and textures of the natural world that captivate her. Booth’s keen eye for detail has led her to discover the intricate patterns left by borer beetles on eucalyptus trees, breathing new life into these natural phenomena through her ceramic creations.

John Heaney’s creative process unfolds as an intimate engagement with clay, a medium that allows him to channel memories and insights derived from his experiences with people and places. His work “Last Dance, 2023” is a poignant recollection of his mother’s cautionary tale, imbued with the weight of a tragic event tied to the Murrumbidgee River. Through his art, Heaney illuminates the profound connection between personal narratives and the natural world.

Jackie Lallemand, inspired by the captivating landscapes of the Monaro region, collaborates with photographer Reece Scannell to intertwine their artistic visions. Lallemand’s shapes and surfaces interact harmoniously with Scannell’s photographs, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of mediums. Their challenge lies in finding printing techniques that can seamlessly interact with Lallemand’s textured surfaces, ultimately enhancing the visual impact of their collaboration.

Tanya McArthur’s artistry is rooted in her serene rural surroundings and her deep connection with the natural environment. The tranquility of her bush setting and her meditative approach to ceramics infuse her work with a sense of calmness. McArthur’s gentle and understated forms reflect the therapeutic nature of her creative practice, while leaving parts of the clay body exposed celebrates the inherent beauty of the medium itself.

Maricelle Olivier, a South African artist, delves into her personal history and cultural identity through the medium of ceramics. Her pieces carry patterns that mirror the repetitive nature of her artistic practice, offering glimpses into her journey of self-discovery and belonging. Olivier’s vessels become vessels of emotions, repositories of her cultural heritage and an exploration of her roots.

Sue Peachey’s ceramic works resonate with the principles of the regenerative earth care system of Permaculture. By mapping the contours of Mount Majura, she uncovers the universal patterns that govern the structures of mountains and the interconnectedness of nature. Peachey’s pieces invite viewers to step back and perceive the broader picture, appreciating the intricate network of patterns that shape the Earth’s landscapes.

Julie Pennington’s ceramic sculptural vessels serve as vessels of exploration, delving into the intricacies of pattern and texture. Employing coiling techniques, Pennington creates textured surfaces that transcend the boundaries between interior and exterior. Her painstaking and repetitive process lends a meditative rhythm to her work, echoing the serene beauty of the natural environment. The influences of drought and fire are palpable in her recent creations, reflecting the severity of climatic conditions.

In this exhibition, the artists’ distinct voices intertwine, weaving a narrative that celebrates the intricate beauty of the natural world. From the Monaro to South Africa, from personal narratives to universal patterns, these artists have embarked on a creative journey that reveals the profound connections between nature, identity, and artistic expression.

Front image: Maricelle Olivier, Skulpies, 2023

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