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Smart Phone Photography for potters and ceramic artists with David Hempenstall



Sunday 2 June 2024


10.00am to 2.00pm


David Hempenstall


Canberra Potters Gallery


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Are you a potter or ceramic artist looking to elevate your craft through stunning photography? We've got just the course for you!

We are delighted to be offering this course in collaboration with PhotoAccess Canberra

Duration: 4 hours 

Course Outline:

Learn about smart phone photography for

  • Portfolios, gallery applications, and social media
  • Tips for creating consistency in your portfolio.
  • Understanding the importance of storytelling through photos

Equipment and Gear

  • Your fully charged smart phone plus charger

Basic Photography Principles for using your smart phone 

  • Understanding composition, framing, and perspective
  • Simple lighting techniques for artwork
  • Choosing the right backgrounds and settings
  • Focusing and depth of field

Smart phone basics Basics 

  • Hands-on practice with iphone settings
  • Smartphone camera tips and tricks
  • Group photo session with participant’s artwork as subjects

Digital Darkroom Basics 

  • Introduction to simple photo editing software and apps
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Adjusting exposure, contrast, and colour balance
  • Enhancing details and sharpness

Practical Exercise: Editing Your Photos 

  • Participants edit their own photos using simple editing apps (provide recommendations)
  • Tips for enhancing the appearance of their artwork.

Photographing for Different Purposes

  • Portfolios, gallery applications, and social media
  • Tips for creating consistency in your portfolio.
  • Understanding the importance of storytelling through photos

Social Media and Online Presence

  • Brief introduction to using social media platforms for artists.
  • The dos and don'ts of sharing artwork online
  • Why building an online presence with great photos of your work is important


David Hempenstall is a documentary photographer who, for most of his career, has explored the broad outskirts of personal and cultural memory, autonomy, archive and the aftermath of conflict. He has also developed a strong commissioned practice, focused particularly on places of memory and interpreting collections within cultural institutions and archives.

From 2005 to 2007, David documented the discovery, exhumation and analysis of victims in mass graves in Iraq. These photographs were used as evidence in the trials of a number of prominent Ba'athists such as Saddam Hussein and Ali Husan Al-Majid during the Anfal trial in the Iraqi High Tribunal. On leaving Iraq he embarked on an on-going, personally driven effort to photograph in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.  In this undertaking, he examines the multi-generational links of family and the possible emergence of a new nation state in the Pacific.


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Intermediate. Some experience or completion of an Introduction to Clay Course