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COVID-19 Update

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COVIDSafe Update March 2022

Your COVID Safe protocols at Canberra Potters

From 6pm Friday February requirements for wearing masks in the ACT hs changed.

Masks are no longer required for visitors in the Shop and Gallery. Staff will continue to wear masks in their retail capacity.

All classes will continue to operate, where practicable, with doors and windows open and air conditioning on fan or cool to maintain effective air flow in Workshops.

Class participants are required to take a 10 minute break during class time.

Our teachers will continue to wear masks. Students are invited to discuss the continuation of mask wearing with their teacher and fellow class members.

Canberra Potters preference is for participants to continue to wear masks in class. We do note particular classes may have members with underlying health concerns and we ask fellow students to respect their needs and continue to wear masks.

  • We are remain at Level 2 of our COVID Response Plan - Moderate Risk
  • You may enter the premises if attending for legitimate purposes such as attending a class or visiting the shop or gallery.
  • Wearing of masks while inside our premises is a personal choice.
  • Do not attend our facility if unwell.