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Gas Kiln Firing Course

Gas kiln firing course this February with Chris Harford


The downdraft gas kiln


24 February 2019






Multi-day short course

There is a total of
18 hours tuition over
3 days.

Class overview

This course runs over three days, with a two week gap in the middle to allow time for students to prepare and glaze their work. You will learn all about how the kiln works, what reduction does to glazes and clay, and be able to fire your own work. At the successful completion of the course. CPS members will be licensed to fire the CPS gas kilns.

Dates and Times 

Sunday 24 February 9.00am–1.00pm
Saturday 9 March 9.00am–1.00pm
Sunday 10 March 7.00am–5.00pm


The downdraft gas kiln

The Short Course includes

Day 1: The downdraft gas kiln

Design, how it works, how it is packed, the combustion system, temperature measurement, explanation of the reduction firing process, burner operation, glaze talk, kiln and kiln furniture care and maintenance, safety aspects.

Day 1: Packing

The gap of 2 weeks, gives participants time to glaze their work.
Bring as many pots as you like we will fit as many as we can in the kiln.

Day 1: Firing

This will run from 7.00am to approximately 5.00pm and we’ll be firing all day. Weather permitting we will fire up the pizza oven for a communal lunchtime feast.

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