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Corinne Beardsley


Resident during 2015
Cori’s approach to making is intuitive, gestural, and experimental as the search inspires her creations. During a two-day Master class, Texture and Technique, she introduced the nine participants to options for armature construction and discussed paper clay technical resources. Cori demonstrated techniques to make textures and marks and gave insight as to how the artist thinks about different clay processes. Using an array of textures and forms, students created their own sculptural forms. An experienced teacher, Corinne provided step-by-step worksheets and enhanced our reputation for presenting professional and informative education experiences. During the residency Cori presented an artist talk alongside SA ceramic artist Gerry Wedd, visiting Canberra at the time, at which they discussed, life, influences, techniques and creative directions.
Work produced during Corinne’s residency was exhibited in the gallery in January/February 2016.