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These Moments of Pleasure


Canberra Potters


Thursday 13 May to Sunday 16 May 2021


Thursday to Sunday





About the Exhibition

Artist Introduction: 2pm Saturday 15 May 2021

Daniel Skeffington (Lake Macquarie, NSW) is the Artist in Residence at Canberra Potters from 17 April to 16 May 2021. The Artist in Residence program has been a long-running initiative to provide an opportunity for emerging and established artists to explore and further develop their art practice in a wholly supported and nurturing, purpose-designed environment. Artists are encouraged to move beyond their existing art practice to interrogate their existing work or to create a completely new body of work.

Skeffington’s stay at Canberra Potters has been an exploration of new forms, new glazes and new techniques. “I made a decision to embrace the challenge” said Skeffington. “I’ve also looked at a new story. In these questioning social norms times, I’m interested in tolerance. If there were more celebration of our similarities and more embrace of our differences there might be more moments of pleasure.” In some pieces Skeffington references sculpture from Roman/Greco times, which once represented those societies as a collective of people, but also as individuals having their own unique standout personalities.

Image: Bowl and Vase. Mishima and Carbon Trap Shino


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