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Canberra Potters


14 July to 7 August 2022


Tuesday to Saturday

About the Exhibition

Opened 6pm Thursday 14 July 2022 by Tony Schumacher-Jones, PhD at Canberra Potters Gallery, 1 Aspinall St Watson ACT.

(in)tangible showcases the work of five artists: Jeremy Brown (wood), Madeline Cardone (glass), Abbey Jamieson (ceramics), Meredith Pammenter-Legg (print & drawing) and Dan Venables (glass).

Together their works explore themes of mental health and well-being through the act of making. Some of these works are representative of lived experiences, whilst others aim to create comforting spaces or encourage physical interaction and viewer participation. In a rapidly changing and uncertain world where many people find themselves challenged by anxiety and mental health issues, self care is becoming more important than ever and this show presents a range of perspectives and tangible responses to these intangible concepts. (in)tangible‘s intention is to convey a sense of compassion and solidarity - normalising personal experience and adding to the discussion surrounding mental health. The physical outcomes in this exhibition are all designed to encourage viewers to see the world from a different perspective by making the intangible, tangible.

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