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Thursday 21 January to Sunday 14 February 2021


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About the Exhibition

Opened 6pm Thursday 21 January 2021 

by Joanne Searle, ceramic artist and educator. 

See the catalogue online here.

Immerse is a multisensory exhibition by Erica Herbert, Abbey Jamieson and Chayla Ueckert-Smith. The exhibition encourages the audience to interact with and explore the works of the three artists with all of their senses. In a traditional exhibition space, visitors are asked not to touch the artworks, which can limit how the works are perceived and understood. Each work in this exhibition, either ceramic or textile, requires physical connection on behalf of the participant to be activated and fully experienced.

Jamieson invites visitors to sit and enjoy a cup of tea with her work Interconnect, asking visitors to take a moment to be mindful (details below). Herbert creates work centered around mental wellbeing and sensory exploration through her series Comfort Pods: a series of hand held textile objects designed with the intention for physical interaction. Ueckert-Smith explores sound capabilities of clay, and encourages participants to interact with her percussive clay instruments with curiosity.

This exhibition was postponed from 2020 due to Covid19

Exhibition Events

Tea Sessions with Abbey Jamieson

Join artist Abbey Jamieson for a Tea Session where you can sit and enjoy a tea in one of her cups. There are four cups that can be used during these sessions which are from two ranges of Jamieson’s work.

Times and Dates: 2pm and 2:45pm Friday 5 February

10am and 10:45am Saturday 6 February

2pm and 2:45pm Friday 12 February

10am and 10:45am Saturday 13 February

Price: Free, but bookings essential.

Location: Canberra Potters Gallery, 1 Aspinall St, Watson, ACT 2602

If you would like to participate, please call Canberra Potters on 02 6241 1670 or visit our gallery and fill in the form.

Please note that due to social distancing requirements only four people can participate in each Tea Session and each cup can only be selected once per session.

Immerse in Concert with Chayla Ueckert-Smith

Join us for an afternoon of experimental new music for ceramic instruments vox de luto featuring local emerging composers.

Price: Free, but bookings essential. Book here.

Time and Date: 2pm – 4pm Saturday 13 February 2021

Location: Canberra Potters Gallery, 1 Aspinall St, Watson, ACT 2602

This concert is a collection of short pieces featuring compositions by Lynden Basset, Pip Gazard, Jaime Langner, Ethan McAlister, Miles McLaughlin, and Matt Page. Curated by Chayla Ueckert-Smith, the music aims to demonstrate the diversity of personal experience and how it effects our perception and interpretation of art and music. The multi-disciplinary combination of art and music promises an aurally and visually intriguing performance experience.

Hosted as a part of Immerse, a multisensory exhibition by Erica Herbert, Abbey Jamieson, and Chayla Ueckert-Smith, this concert is an extension of collaborative and combined spaces.


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