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Abstractions by Owen Rye


Canberra Potters


16 June to 10 July 2022


Tuesday to Saturday


3pm Saturday 9 July 2022


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About the Exhibition

Opened 6pm Thursday 16 June 2022 by Paul Davis

Book Launch and Artist Talk 3pm Saturday 9 July 2022

Internationally renowned ceramic artist Owen Rye presents Abstractions: an exploration of abstraction in ceramic sculpture and photography. Far removed from his public reputation as a woodfirer (there isn’t a vessel to be seen!), Abstractions marks a turning point in Rye’s artistic journey.

“For the past fifteen years I have made close-up photos of old machinery, looking for abstract images. From around a thousand, I have selected eighteen. Six of them are pure abstraction. Six of them suggest being parts of machinery. And six of them include old faded signwriting, weather worn to a stage that hints at the presence of words; but they are not at all clear. They may be in a language we understand; or may not.

The other part of the exhibition involves ceramic sculptures, again abstract in nature, not intended to have any reference to anything specific. I have always played with sculpture as a sideline to my better-known work.  This is my first exhibition where it features prominently. It includes a mix of works completed over some years.”

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