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Tanya McArthur

EASS Residency.

September to October 2019

Tanya McArthur is our EASS residency award winner from 2018. During her two month residency from September to October 2019, she plans to further develop the work she created for her Graduating Project at the ANU School of Art and Design. In particular, she wishes to expand her investigations into what materials can be added to porcelain without compromising the functionality of the clay body, then using this porcelain to create vessel forms.

To complement these porcelain forms she also plans to expand her surface and mark making on stoneware clay and with glazes. Taking micropatterns from fungi that she photographs in local and Tasmanian forests, scaling them to the macro on the vessel surface using carving both at leather hard and post-high firing. She sees the residency as an amazing opportunity to be in a creative environment surrounded by fellow ceramic artists, sharing with and learning from each other. She is looking forward to being involved in the CPS community and is more than happy for people to pop in and see what she’s been working on and share what she has learned.