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Srinia Chowdhury

July to October 2018

Srinia Chowdhury will be our Artist-in-Residence July through to October 2018. Sculpture lies at the heart of her practice and she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from College of Art New Delhi followed by a Master in Fine Art in Sculpture from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata.
Srinia began exploring ceramics as a medium for sculpture which she initially pursued using bronze. Starting with slab building techniques she quickly realised the strong visual quality and endless possibilities the ceramic art form lent her practice.
Her recent work uses her own illustrations as decals to express her on-going curiosity with human behaviour and themes of social and political comment. Srinia continues to use slab-building techniques with printed surfaces to make sculptures, overlapping oxides and stains to create layers of textures and designs.
My interaction and healthy exchange of ideas and techniques with different artists from various countries has not only enriched me as an artist but also pushed me to pursue my dream of making ceramic sculptures as a mainstream medium.
During her stay as a Canberra Potters artist-in-residence Srinia will be running a number of workshops and short courses where she hopes to share her skills and insights with you all. Keep an eye on our website, social media and notice boards for updates on these events.