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Unpredictable by Maryke Henderson


Canberra Potters


18 August to 11 September 2022


Tuesday to Saturday

About the Exhibition

Opening 6pm Thursday 18 August 2022 by Janet DeBoos at Canberra Potters Gallery, 1 Aspinall St Watson ACT.

Unpredictable: An Exploration of Soda Vapour Glazing 2004-2022  explores the progression of Maryke Henderson’s development of surface and form over a period of 18 years, starting while a student at ANU.

Why soda glaze?

Why am I so captivated by the process?

Soda vapour glaze offers an edge of unpredictability, of serendipity, of the unexpected.

Each kiln load offers an element of excitement, and occasionally despair as the harshness of the firing effects the vessel.

The organic surfaces produced have the impression of ageing, of layering and the natural structure. An element of function is important to me as it implies an intimate relationship - maker to pot, pot to user, as well as providing a visual dimension.

This exhibition is about the journey of discovery of this difficult yet exciting process using the paths of flame and vapours to decorate the surface by the use of various clay bodies and slips. It explores the vessels or canvases on which to produce these surfaces by a selection  of student work to the present day. It shows how I am strongly influenced by the landscape, the textures and lichens found on trees and the continuing desire of making functional ware.

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