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Mahala Hill EASS 2018


Canberra Potters


Thursday 16 August
to 9 September 2018


Daily open





Image: Mahala Hill,
Web box, 2018

Opening event 6pm Thursday 16 August with Dr Julie Bartholomew,  Head of Ceramics, ANU School of Art & Design.
This year’s Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) exhibition features the ceramic work of Mahala Hill. Mahala was selected by Canberra Potters from 2017 ANU School of Art and Design ceramics graduates for this exhibition opportunity.
Mahala is a contemporary ceramic artist, striving to push both the limits and the pre-conceived notions of her medium. Her practice is discursive in nature: material exploration leads to ideas and extends conceptual intent, bringing to the foreground further questions or conundrums for exploration. She has been exploring curiosity, wonder, beauty, death, the apocalypse and how, by using these motifs, she can raise awareness of pressing environmental issues.
Over the past three years she has focused on the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef and the survival of Australian endangered species. Her practice focuses around the ‘burn out’. A ‘burn out’ is the remnant shell-like form that emerges from inside a layer of liquid clay after the combustible organic plant material has incinerated. The residual matter is a ghostly, shell-like phantom form or ‘burn out’ spectre, simultaneously evoking traces of a life and loss.

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