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Inside by Julie Roberts and Josephine Townsend


Canberra Potters


Thursday 22 April to Sunday 9 May 2021


Tuesday to Sunday



About the Exhibition

Opened 6pm Thursday 22 April 2021 by Geoff Palmer and Rudi Schneider. Musical performance by The Euphonics.

A collaborative exploration of the COVID19 pandemic and its effects on our lifestyles and values, by childhood friends Julie Roberts and Josephine Townsend

The COVID19 lockdown forced us Inside, separated from our extended network of friends and family. We have both been lucky enough to have a safe and comfortable place with the luxury of a garden. Our art practices, drawing and ceramics, have led us on a journey to process the ever-changing reality of the pandemic.


Join us for a series of events at Canberra Potters in conjunction with this exhibition:

- Saturday 24 April, 1pm-3pm: Meet the artists in the gallery. 3pm: Strange Weather Gospel Choir performance in the gardens

- Saturday 1 May, 1pm-2pm: Meet the artists in the gallery. 2pm: Artist talk in the gallery

- Saturday 8 May, 1pm-3pm: Meet the artists in the gallery

- Sunday 16 May, Draw On: Making and Using Porcelain Parchment and Ceramic Pastels. Book here. (some experience required). 


Inside looking out –

Looking to nature for renewal and peace

We miss the touch of others, the easy hugs

We retreat, seeking protection and comfort in the familiar

Keeping the menace at a safe distance

The tempo of our days changes, 

We have time.


Inside looking in –

Inside our minds 

Some days we struggle

The time sits heavy

We nest

We seek sanctuary in creative expression

There is joy in small things

We revel in our new-found time 

Making art to celebrate the gifts we have.


1 Aspinall Street Watson
Canberra Australia.


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