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Hand-building Sundays

Course overview 

This series of short courses will celebrate the endless possibilities of hand-building. Each course focuses on a specific project and/or skill. The short courses will run during term time, costs will vary depending on the course content and inclusions.

Suitable for beginners who have completed Introduction to Clay, intermediate students and advanced students.

two courses

Workshop 2


Course 1: Sunday
10 February 2019
Course 2: Sunday
17 March 2019




$180/term pp


Sunday class

Dates: Within School Term 1

Monday 4 February 2019 to Friday 12 April 2019. 

* Please note there will be no classes on Saturday 9 March due to the Canberra Day long weekend. The term will be extended by one week to Saturday 13 April to deliver all 9 sessions of the program.

COURSE 1: Large coil pots for the garden

10 February, 17 February, 24 February 
Over three Sunday mornings, Jo Townsend will take you through techniques for building and decorating large strong pots that will survive the Canberra winter.
You will learn how to
  • build with coils and slabs
  • maintain the shape of your pot as it grows
  • make a pot up to 600mm tall
  • make your pot strong
  • user a range of decorative techniques (including carving, stamping, highlight glazing and use of additions) suitable for a single firing.

COURSE 2: Playing with Pinched Pottery

17 March, 24 March, 31 March 
In this course Sue Cant will lead you through an exploration of the possibilities provided by pinching to create sophisticated and varied artworks.
You will learn how
  • use a variety of clays, from porcelain to heavily grogged clays
  • use a variety of pinching techniques
  • experiment with additions to your work
  • explore a variety of surface decoration techniques.


About the artists

Josephine Townsend
Jo is currently the acting Education Program Manager at Canberra Potters. Her role requires that from time to time she take occasional classes or specialist workshops at Canberra Potters. Jo’s previous experience as a secondary school arts teacher places her well to share her knowledge and skills with her students and fellow teaching staff.
Her personal work is essentially tactile; her forms, both sculptural and functional, invite interaction from the user. She builds surfaces, colours and curves that invite the touch and is inspired by the fact that forms and patterns repeat in nature. Tree roots branch out in the same way that rivulets run, flames flicker and branches divide.
Sue Cant
Sue assists the Education Program Manager with enrolment and student orientation services. As a qualified teacher she is able to provide sound advice in facilitating the delivery of our educational program. A keen potter in her own right Sue is able to answer any enquiries regarding courses, material costs and student needs that may arise during the term. In addition, Sue has been instrumental in the development and monitoring of our Social Media presence—a growing function of our organisation.

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