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Four Words


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Thursday 8 August
to 1 September 2019


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Featured Image:
Iva Hancevic-Grabic,
title and year unknown. Acrylic on canvas.
Image courtesy of the artist.
A group exhibition of work by ACT artists Karen Green, Iva Hancevic-Grabic, Gosia Orzechowska and  Clare Solomon.
These four artists are at different stages of their careers: Karen Green and Gosia Orzechowska are mid-career artists; Iva Hancevic-Grabic and Clare Solomon are emerging. The exhibition’s title, ‘Four Words’, represents the artists moving forward individually using a single word as a representative theme for their work. Using these four words they are creating a unique and dynamic exhibition with a view to engage the viewer in a meaningful & authentic way.
The Four Words are:
Wrinkle – Karen Green; acrylic paintings on canvas and mixed media
Shapes – Iva Hancevic-Grabic; acrylic paintings on canvas.
Whisper – Gosia Orzechowska; figurative paintings using mixed media
Consider – Clare Solomon; sculptural works with accompanying stories; installation
The exhibition visitor will be able to view each artist’s work individually but will be provided with a meaningful experience within the context of a diverse and topical group exhibition.

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