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Clay Foundations

Handbuilding with Erin Kocaj

Course overview 

This progressive course is suitable for beginners who have completed Introduction to Clay or students who have completed any of the Continuing Clay classes.


Saturday 8 February 2020


This class over a 9 week term




Workshop 2


Max 14 students



Plus upfront firing fee clay not included.
See firing costs.


Special needs
Please purchase a visual diary/sketchbook (A4 minimum) to bring to class.

Need instructions.

Dates and duration: Term 1

9 weeks from Saturday 8 February to Saturday 11 March 2020 (Easter).
Select Saturday, for example and your class is Saturday each week for 9 weeks.

Suitable for

  • Beginners who have completed the Introduction to Clay course
  • People wanting to develop their handbuilding knowledge and skills
  • This course is designed to follow on from the Introductory and/or Continuing Clay courses to help you to become an independent maker
  • At the end of this course you should have the skills and knowledge to join a general class.

The class includes

Throughout the course Erin will help you to explore:
• Source material – the art and necessity of looking and recording (digital/drawing/painting)
• Scale and form (developing an idea, complex curves, energy lines).

What you will learn

The focus of the course is on developing your skills and understanding of the three basic forms of handbuilding – pinching, coiling and slab building. You will learn techniques for making refined, strong and resolved pots and or sculptures of your own design.
If you are seeking inspiration and guidance to develop your personal style, Erin will guide you through a series of structured activities to bring your ideas to life.
If you are already full of ideas, she will provide you with the technical knowledge and skills needed for you to achieve your goals.

About the artist

Erin Kocaj
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