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Welcome to our first blog

Sue Cant
Sue Cant

Welcome to our Canberra Potters blog page. This is a new initiative and one we hope will provide a platform to bring members more interesting and in-depth information about clay and ceramics as well as a place to engage in dialogue and discussion with other members.

Our aim is to post on a semi regular basis across a range of topics which we hope will be of interest. It will allow us to link directly from our mail outs and Newsletters to additional and longer form articles and images and for you to be able to access video and gallery images, profiles of visiting artists and return to read posts of interest.

The creative life has lots of peaks and troughs and it’s always great to know there is a space that you can go to connect with other potters and artists, to share, reflect, celebrate and be inspired.

In essence we want this to be a creative space for creative people, a place to learn, grow, share ideas and knowledge, a place to connect through our mutual love clay.

We want we create posts of interest to you. We would like to hear what you would like to read and look at on this Blog. We hope in time that members will contribute both articles and images for inclusion and that we will be able to record and post interviews with our members who are engaged in ceramics and other associated arts as well as gallery showings, events and trends and traditions in ceramics in Australia and overseas.

More soon…