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New Acton
18 March 2017

New Acton, Canberra City.

2017 marked our third appearance at Art-Not-Apart and the festival and our contribution goes from strength to strength. This year we devised a community engagement that inspired participants to create a map of canberra by adding there creation to their place on the map or by adding to the cities waterways and lakes. The subsequent art happening took shape over the day creating a creative canberra landscape by festivals end.
The organisers commented: “We were truly shaken up by your works this year. Thank you from the festival team for your incredible passion, talents and positive vibes. With a whopping 9 stages/cinemas, 200 artists showcased and over 13,000 visitors (plus another 1,500 at our two wild afterparties), Art, Not Apart 2017 was our best yet and wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work. Congratulations!
It has become a regular and much anticipated event on our community outreach calendar and one in which we are sure to participate next year.