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Unlocking Creativity

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10am to 4pm


Sunday 18 April & Sunday 2 May


Daniel Skeffington


Workshop Two

Often as Artists we are blocked. We become used to making the same familiar forms over and over again. It’s easy to become stuck in our comfort zone where new ideas don’t flow.

Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It’s part of the toolkit of our art making. To make art, be it a cup form, sculpture or as a narrative expression, we need to move forward, explore and interrogate our process and practice. Creative people have the ability to see multiple solutions, employ original thought and use their imagination to find solutions to their making challenges.

This Master Class, led by ceramic artist Daniel Skeffington, will bring together concepts of creativity and explore how to employ these in your ceramic practice.  Whether you are a seasoned ceramic artist, a committed hobbyist or just starting out, this workshop will illuminate your art making and provide you with the skills to grow and explore beyond your current output.

Through a mix of theory, demonstration and hands-on group & individual work you will explore: -

  • The nature of creativity
  • The relationship between creativity and ceramic art
  • The benefits of exploring and building your creative powers
  • How to unlock your creativity and grow the creative element of your making.

You will need to bring

  • your ceramic toolkit,
  • a notebook or art journal and pens.

1 bag of Walkers Stoneware 10 is included in the cost of the course. Additional clay can be purchased during the course.

Please note that this course does not include firing.

Daniel Skeffington

Daniel Skeffington a ceramic artist based in Lake Macquarie City, NSW. He has been a ceramic artist for more than 10 years and exhibited work in Australia and overseas. His work is sculptural in form and glaze, and exploratory in nature. You can learn more about Daniel at his website

Suitable for potters of all levels of experience