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Throwing Cylinders – Cannisters and Fermenting Pots

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26 to 28 January


6.00pm to 9.00pm each session


Maryke Henderson


Workshop Two

Maryke Henderson is a practising ceramic artist with extensive experience in throwing. She is an expert at helping participants refine their technique and make better pots.

In this workshop she will talk about the skills required to make better cylinders Maryke will demonstrate preparing clay for throwing and making a cylinder including pulling up to get even walls and increasing height.

Maryke will take you through a series of structured exercises in order to help you understand the form of your pots. The focus will be on improving your techniques and critiquing the quality of your forms. She will also discuss and demonstrate how to make lids and galleries to turn your pots into cannisters and fermenting jars.

The cylinder is the basic shape for many functional forms; mugs, jugs, vase forms, jars, teapots etc. By concentrating on throwing cylinders, you will address any inherent issues in your throwing technique and improve the quality of your work.

Participants will be able to take their work home after this course to continue to work on their projects. Firing is not included.

Clay can be purchased during class.

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Intermediate. Participants should be able to centre clay consistently and make a basic cylinder form on the wheel