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Term 3 Introduction to Clay Saturday 9.30am

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24 July


9.30am – 12.30pm


Anna O’Neale


Workshop Two

This course is perfect for those who have never worked with clay, are interested in trying a new skill or as a re-introduction for people who have been out of touch for some time. This class is held over nine sessions.

  • This course takes students through a range of techniques for working with clay.
    • students get a feel for clay and its properties through various hand building techniques and projects
    • introduction to glazing using Canberra Potters glazes
    • focus on the potter’s wheel, learning to centre clay (the basis for all wheel throwing) form cylinders and other shapes
    • a raku firing takes place in the final week. Students will see some of their pots go through the raku rapid firing process. This is weather dependant and may not happen in unfavourable weather conditions
    • Health and safety aspects of working with clay and pottery materials are covered during the course.

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Beginner. No experience necessary.