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Introduction to Hand Building

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19 to 21 January & 27 January (4 evenings)


6.00pm to 9.00pm each session


Katrina Leske


Workshop One

This course is perfect for those wanting to learn how to make beautiful handmade clay items.

  • Session 1 - Get a feel for clay and its properties through a focus on hand building. This session will explore making pinch pots to build open and closed forms such as a bud vase, simple cup, small planter or organic shape.
  • Session 2 – Learn how to make vessels using the ancient technique of coiling.
  • Session 3 –Learn how to join clay slabs together to make simple dishes and box shapes or drape slabs over a plaster mould to make a dish or bowl.
  • Session 4 - Learn how to prepare your bisqued fired pots for glazing and glaze your work in preparation for a final firing in the kiln.

Fired work can be collected three weeks after your final class.

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Beginner. No experience necessary.