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Michiko Takada


Resident during 2015
Michiko Takada is a ceramic artist from Japan. Michiko graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2003 with a Master’s Degree. Her interest lies in creating three-dimensional ‘space structures’, which she describes as the spaces that appear when clay threads are intertwined and then those spaces are themselves intertwined. She is fascinated with how spaces create interesting and beautiful structures.
Michiko creates hollow shapes by wrapping cotton thread dipped in slip around balloons. She also uses timber boards with nails around which she runs slipped cotton thread to mimic weaving; from these she creates item such as handbags, jumpers and draped cloth. The pieces are raw glazed with a clear glaze before firing. During firing the cotton thread burns away leaving the clay slip with thread marks. These create interesting warps and lines.
During her residency Michiko presented an artist talk and held a two-day Master Class during which she taught participants how to weave slip-soaked cotton string into everyday objects and ovate forms. Michiko’s exhibition in the gallery from the 7–24 May attracted strong interest.
A requirement of a professional residency is for the resident to donate a piece of their artwork to the CPS collection; Michiko donated one of her woven artworks.