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Michelle Young-Hares

Michelle is from Glasgow.

Michelle Young-Hares is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. She attended Edinburgh College of Art where she graduated with BA(Hons) Ceramics and returned to complete Postgraduate studies.

Residencies in Hungary and France.

She describes herself as classically mid-career and her work has now achieved a high level of technique and skill which has gained an international following and reputation. Her thirst for knowledge in the ceramic realm is almost inexhaustible and since early residencies in Hungary and France, her practice has grown to include teaching workshops, master-classes throughout the UK and weekly pottery classes from her Glasgow studio. A busy schedule of exhibitions and pottery fairs inspires and fulfills her creative desire.

Well exhibited.

Michelle is regularly a selected artist at Potfest at the Palace, Scone Palace, Perth and Potfest in the Park, Penrith, Cumbria. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK including Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh, Ceramics Wales, Wrexham, Wales, Earth and Fire, Welbeck Estate, Nottingham; and was a selected artist at the Scottish Potters Association, 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Barony Centre, West Kilbride.
Michelle’s work takes inspiration from her immediate natural environment and the prospect of discovering new plants, seedpods, insects and geological formations in the locale is one she is looking forward to. During her stay she is keen to embrace the opportunity to address new ideas, collaborations, firing techniques and ceramic practice without the constraints of exhibiting and selling within her current platforms. She believes there comes a point for every artist to stand back from their work routines and acquired norms and challenge, explore and even reset their boundaries.

Michelle believes in the sharing of ideas.

As an artist where teaching is embedded within her current practice and believes the sharing of ideas is integral to the ceramic community, Michelle is looking forward to sharing her ideas, processes and techniques within a dynamic group of potters and to explore her response to the unfamiliar. Currently limited to electric oxidised firing she’s keen to learn more about alternative methods of firing. Perhaps we can welcome her in one of our Gas or Soda firing workshops! We are eager for Michelle to deliver an exciting program of workshops and master-classes through our Summer School during her residency.