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Member Orientation Sessions

No access due to Covid Lockdown


Members wishing to use the facilities must first satisfactorily complete a workshop orientation and WH&S session, which will then entitle the member to use the facilities.

In order to continue using the facilities an annual refresher session must be satisfactorily completed. This ensures that workshop users are aware of new WH&S protocols, equipment, and material use.

These free sessions run on the first Tuesday evening of each month and will take about an hour. If you’ve participated in a class at CPS in the last twelve months you don’t need to complete an orientation.

All members must have demonstrated competency before being allowed access to the spaces and equipment. If you’re new to CPS, please come and introduce yourself to the technical assistant (manager? What’s Joey’s official title?) during the orientation. We’d love to know where you’re at in your clay journey!

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