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Lia Tajcnar

Lia Tajcnar has been a practicing artist for over 25 years and is currently focusing on ceramics. Her practice is about exploring experimental ways of working with clay and using complexity in three-dimensional form to engage with ideas of perception and representing the process of creativity. Concepts are integrated into creating interesting problems to solve, and engaging with technical/design elements. Lia is interested in taking techniques and working methods from other disciplines and integrating them with clay. She says about ceramics: “Part of what excites me about ceramics is the possibility of being able to incorporate the technical aspects of so many other methods of making – and pushing the borders of what ceramics can be.”
Lia has been working on making sculptural pieces with ceramic and mixed media as well as exploring printmaking techniques on clay. Ever developing, these past three years she has also been working on a body of ceramic and resin jewelery for exhibition and retail.
Lia has a Masters of Philosophy in ceramics from the ANU School of Art and has taught at the ANU in Art Theory, Core Studies and at the Ceramic Department. She also has BFAs in painting and ceramics and has participated in many solo and group exhibitions as well as receiving numerous awards and prizes.