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Katrina Leske

Katrina Leske photo

Katrina is passionate about wheel-throwing, through which she makes refined functional ware and organic sculptural works. 

Katrina Leske has been part of the Canberra Potters team since 2017. Throughout her studies and since graduating from the ANU School of Art and Design with Honours in 2018, she has been an active member of the regional ceramic community. Currently working as a teacher and the Gallery Manager at Canberra Potters, she is thrilled to be able to introduce more people to the wonderful world of clay through both of these roles. 

Katrina is passionate about wheel-throwing, and explores bodily process and movement in both her functional and sculptural works. She is drawn to the self-contained beauty and simplicity of the circular forms and is interested in how physical processes can affect an understanding of the handmade ceramic vessel. The desire to engage in a lived, bodily experience is her primary concern: ceramics is an innately tactile medium, and it is this materiality which draws her to working with clay. 

Katrina finds great satisfaction in her practice and teaching, and loves the versatility that clay offers. 

View Katrina’s website here, her Facebook here and her Instagram here.