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Georgina Bryant

Georgie combines beauty and function in her wheel thrown tableware, and has a passion for sharing her pottery skills with others. 

Georgie has been teaching at Canberra Potters since 2014. She has a Masters of Teaching and a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge with others. Georgie enjoys teaching introductory classes, which she loves for the fun, discovery and enjoyment that comes with introducing students to working with clay. She teachers regular wheel throwing classes at Canberra Potters, where she works to develop her students technique and help them reach their goals. 

In her own practice as Linburn Handmade, she combines beauty and function in her wheel thrown tableware. Linburn Handmade is used by numerous restaurants and cafes in Canberra and Sydney as well as by individuals for home use. Georgie is ever keen to experiment with new techniques and to keep learning! 

View Georgie’s website here, her Facebook here or her Instagram here.