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Erin Kocaj

Erin makes both functional and non-functional ceramics with linear patterns and references to nature. 

Erin Kocaj was first involved with Canberra Potters in her school years, taking classes during college with the aim of getting into art school. After graduating with Honours in Ceramics from the ANU School of Art in 2011, she joined the Canberra Potters teaching staff in 2016. During this time, she also initiated ‘Claybodies’- a group of local ceramic artists who support, showcase and celebrate ceramics in the community through discussion groups, exhibitions and workshops. 

As an artist she likes to make highly patterned objects, both functional and non-functional. Her works are recognisable by their linear pattern and references to nature that she employs. The quality of the linear pattern can be organic or constructed; often she places the two alongside each other in a contrastive display of balance and tension. 

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