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Term 3 2021 Clay Foundation Classes

Clay Foundation classes are designed for those who have completed an Introduction to Clay course or have some basic clay skills. These courses focus on skills and techniques to extend your ceramic knowledge.

Connecting through clay - grow

You’ve completed an Introduction to Clay Class or have some experience but don’t feel ready for a more self directed class yet. Clay Foundation classes are for you.

Choose from:

  • Basic Wheel
  • Handbuilding

A weekly class provides an opportunity to explore an area of interest and really get to grips with the basic skills required to be confident and competent in your chosen area.

Skilled teachers will reintroduce you to the basics of wheel throwing or handbuilding and help you to explore these skills to create more developed and interesting pieces of work.

These classes are a great way to spend time in a supportive, friendly environment with others who are also developing an interest in clay. Perfect for taking a break from your weekly routine and exploring new ways of being creative. An opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and immerse yourself in developing a new skill.

COVIDSafe practices are in place for all classes.

Clay Foundations Term 3 2021 Classes

Please be aware that COVIDSafe requirements set by the ACT government may require changes to classes at short notice. When booking ensure your email and phone details are correct. 

Clay Foundation Handbuilding - Sunday 2.00pm with Erin Kocaj

Fully booked

Clay Foundation Wheel Basic - Thursday 6.00pm with Jo Townsend

Fully booked

Clay Foundation Wheel Basic - Friday 10am with Katrina Leske

Fully booked

Clay Foundation Wheel Basic - Friday 6.00pm with Joey Burns

Fully booked

Clay Foundation Wheel Basic - Monday 6.00pm with Georgie Bryant

Fully booked