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Anna Rapp

Anna Rapp is one of our teaching assistants, and is a current student at ANU school of Art and Design specialising in ceramics. She was introduced to pottery at the ripe age of 6 years old, when she was taken after school to Canberra Potters for a kid’s wheel throwing class. Her mother encouraged her to pursue creativity from a young age - for which she is always grateful - and she already loved playing in the mud, so she was hooked!

Only recently has pottery swept her off her feet again, and she is thrilled to be giving back to the community that sparked her interest many years ago. Anna has always felt so much joy when working with her hands, and she has dabbled in many different art forms before setting her priorities to pottery. Her father is a geoscientist, so experimenting with clays and glaze materials and their correlations with the earth helps her feel connected to him while he works overseas. Though not yet a seasoned potter and still looking for her niche, Anna has built up a lot of experience in the past year and learns at a very fast pace. She believes the best way to really learn and internalise knowledge is by teaching, so she is constantly striving to advance herself and her practice while encouraging students to do the same. In her time at Canberra Potters she hopes to plant in her students the same seed of love for pottery that was planted in her, even if it doesn’t grow immediately. 

You can find Anna on Instagram here.